Mandarin Voice Over

I'm an accent-free Mandarin voice over artist living Shanghai. I offer Chinese voice over services to customers all over the world.

Script Translation

I work with professional translators to provide accurate, prompt and cost-effective translation services for your script before recording.

Audio Editing

If requested, audio editing service is also provided using professional software to make sure the voice track is in synchronization with your video.

About Me

Mandarin Chinese male voice over actor

My name is Caishuang XU and I live in Shanghai, China. I'm a voice over actor with Mandarin Chinese as my native language. I have now more than 6 years of experience in voice over.

If you are looking for an accent-free professional Mandarin Chinese voice over artist, I'm here to help you to ensure that your message will be communicated effectively.

Send me an email with your script in Chinese or English. I will response as soon as possible.


mandarin male voice-over talent

Here are some samples allowing you to discover my voice

Sample 1 - DOWNLOAD

Sample 2 - DOWNLOAD

Sample 3 - DOWNLOAD

Sample 4 - DOWNLOAD

Sample 5 - DOWNLOAD

Sample 6 - DOWNLOAD

Sample 7 - DOWNLOAD

Sample 8 - DOWNLOAD

About Chinese Mandarin language

Near 14.1% of the world population are native Chinese speakers

The Chinese economy is expanding rapidly, and the Chinese market is one of the most promising markets in the world. With more than 1,30 billion speakers, Mandarin Chinese is one of the world’s most common languages. Mandarin is the official language of mainland China and Taiwan.

Please note:
In mainland China, people speak Mandarin and write in Simplified Chinese.
In Taiwan, people speak Mandarin and write in Traditional Chinese.
In Hong Kong and Macau, people speak Cantonese and write in Traditional Chinese.

Script for voice over

Prepare your script in English or Chinese

Please make sure to send me the final version of your script to avoid script changes after the recording is performed, because script revisions or changes involve extra costs.

Rates for Mandarin voice over and English-Chinese translation

Voice over prices are calculated based on the number of Chinese characters:

-- Less than 500 Chinese characters: 50 USD
-- 501 to 1000 Chinese characters: 10 USD per 100 Chinese characters
-- 1001 to 3000 Chinese characters: 8 USD per 100 Chinese characters
-- 3001 to 10000 Chinese characters: 6 USD per 100 Chinese characters
-- Over 10001 Chinese characters: please contact me for a custom quote!

Script translation from English into Chinese: 0,20 USD per English word

Don't wait, send me your script by email for a custom quote now!